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Michael Schachter

About Me

As a Former Diamond Manufacturer I Now Find Gems in Real Estate

Success in life is about passion and John Lennon wrote “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.”

In 1974 when I moved to Springfield NJ I was entrenched in my own diamond & jewelry manufacturing company. Being a young 1st time home buyer in the era before Angie’s List and big box chains, I morphed into a do-it-yourself suburbanite. I was always fairly good with my hands, so I began to take on various projects, like adding closets, hanging wallpaper, pouring cement, even light plumbing and electrical jobs. Whether the undertakings were necessities or whims, I quickly found I had a real knack for them, and home improvement became “a labor of love.”

Eventually, I would add two bedrooms to the initial design, along with a pair of baths and a two-car garage, but this time, I was the general contractor. I also moved my jewelry factory from New York to Roselle and, you guessed it, I was the contractor on that total construction too!

By now, real estate and construction were giving my original career choice a lot of emotional competition. Real Estate became a passion too, and at the turn of the millennium, another huge change was in the offing: my jewelry manufacturing was forced to move offshore. This meant constant international travel, taking me around the world, from Belgium to Israel to China and India. A decade of globe-trotting took its toll, and I retired in 2009.

Two years later, my batteries recharged, I decided to resume my other pursuits with renewed vigor. I earned my real estate license, and began to build a whole new business. Once more, I was immersed in the residential universe, studying basements, boundaries, bed and bathrooms with a passion. Friends became clients, clients became friends, and soon the referrals were flowing.

My retirement yielded to another full-time career, and today I’m having fun and getting paid for it. Check out their testimonials..
Call me at 908-216-8084, I’m sure we will become friends too!

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